From Training Collaborative Professionals to Training Teachers and Principals

Barb Burr, JD, Kate Scharff, LCSW-C, LICSW, and I are branching out from training Collaborative professionals to training teachers and principals.....presentation in NYC on November 21. For more information: Applying Collaborative Concepts to Education Reform: NYC, Nov. 21, 2013 - Kate Scharff, LCSW-C LICSW. … [Read more...]

Scared Your Divorce Will Damage Your Children? Know The Data….Part 1

Most parents facing a divorce have one big question: Is there anything we can do to prevent this divorce from ruining our kids? The answer is: Yes! A lot of things. And, unfortunately, there are other things you might do to increase your children's risk of damage. Good to know the whole gamut of data available so you can make the best decisions you can for your kids. Most parents do not realize that the academic universe is teeming with researchers who have devoted their professional life … [Read more...]

Ten Things That Might Make You Fire a Professional

I hear, on occasion, from my own clients that they have experienced upsetting things while working with another professional. Sometimes my clients ask me – “Is it ok if my therapist/mediator/attorney does X thing? It bugs me, but am I making too big a deal of it?” There are a number of things a professional might do while working with you that are annoying, thoughtless, unprofessional, or even hurtful. It is ALWAYS OK to tell a professional whom you have hired to provide you with a service … [Read more...]

You’re Cheating: Are You Ready to Begin Sorting Yourself Out?

No matter how confused or conflicted you may feel right now, you still have your brain, and your capacity to think. Here are some steps you can take to begin finding your way out of the maze of infidelity. LET IT IN Allow yourself to feel the full force of reality; you’re living a double life. Whether your affair is “emotional” (long, soulful lunches with a co-worker), virtual (phone sex with an online pal), or full blown (you’re planning a future together)— you’ve crossed the Rubicon. … [Read more...]

Ten Band Aids To Make Your Marriage Feel Better

You may have read a pile of self-help books in the hopes of improving your marriage, and many of those books have great information. I like John Gottman’s books (Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, to name just two.) If your spouse reads the books too, and you can talk together about what you learn, the reading can lead to actual change. You may also be in couple therapy, working on your marriage “live”, with your spouse. Getting help before the … [Read more...]

“Why are you getting a divorce?” Finding Answers That Will Protect Your Child

It is the dreaded question parents fear most. What do we say to our children if they ask us WHY we are getting divorced? Faced with this question, parents often freeze. Some blurt out a truth that will hurt their child, others avoid answering, leaving the child confused and perhaps with a sense that the answer is too frightening to speak of. Here is a guide to help you think about what answers might feel comfortable, and honest – while protecting your child from additional pain. Discuss with … [Read more...]

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my Blog.  You will find useful information here regarding Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy and Separation and Divorce. … [Read more...]