Solomon’s Sword – Still Relevant with High Conflict Divorcing Parents

Most of us remember the story of King Solomon: faced with two mothers, each claiming the same baby to be her own, he says to the mothers that the only compromise is to split the baby in half with his sword. One mother cries out in fear, and tells the other woman to take the baby, in order to protect his life. Solomon names that woman the true mother, as she was willing to give up her son in order to save him. This story has many other versions going back in history. The Chalk Circle is a play … [Read more...]

Fighting the Good Fight

"Fighting the Good Fight"(Or How To Navigate Conflict with your Honey in Five (Not So) Easy Steps) One of the most common complaints couples have about their relationship is that their fights don’t go anywhere good. “We have the same fight ninety times and we still can’t resolve the problem.” “We can’t seem to argue without it getting out of control.” “She fights dirty – once the insults start flying, I just shut down/lose it/ have to leave.” “He always thinks he’s right. It seems I’m … [Read more...]

Expressing a Preference: A Little Relationship Tip That Can Change Your Life

Many people have never learned how to identify their own preferences. Or they have grown up believing they don’t deserve to HAVE a preference. Or they are afraid to speak their preferences, let alone fight for them. Some people think they do not possess preferences, because they are not in the habit of tuning in to their own feelings. Other people hold strong preferences, even rigidly so, and spend little time inquiring of others about their preferences, and instead simply push forward with … [Read more...]