Solomon’s Sword – Still Relevant with High Conflict Divorcing Parents

Most of us remember the story of King Solomon: faced with two mothers, each claiming the same baby to be her own, he says to the mothers that the only compromise is to split the baby in half with his sword. One mother cries out in fear, and tells the other woman to take the baby, in order to protect his life. Solomon names that woman the true mother, as she was willing to give up her son in order to save him. This story has many other versions going back in history. The Chalk Circle is a play … [Read more...]

A Good Problem to Have: Family Togetherness Post-Divorce

Good divorces have been in the news lately. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “conscious uncoupling” hit the papers last year, and in September the New York Times featured an article about an already divorced couple taking their kids on a rafting trip – and enjoying the time together. (9/25/15 – From a Divorce a Fractured Beauty). With more couples opting for mediation, or Collaborative divorce, and navigating those processes successfully, I predict our culture will have more and more … [Read more...]

Scared Your Divorce Will Damage Your Children? Know The Data….Part 1

Most parents facing a divorce have one big question: Is there anything we can do to prevent this divorce from ruining our kids? The answer is: Yes! A lot of things. And, unfortunately, there are other things you might do to increase your children's risk of damage. Good to know the whole gamut of data available so you can make the best decisions you can for your kids. Most parents do not realize that the academic universe is teeming with researchers who have devoted their professional life … [Read more...]