Help for the Disorganized Parent, Married or Divorced

If you hear your co-parent, or your children, complaining about your showing up late, taking the kids to the wrong sports field, forgetting to buy the poster board for the science project, consider this: Your co-parent and children might have a point. Ask yourself if you are disorganized at work, and whether your friends, or siblings also complain about your arriving to things late or forgetting important events. Is it them? Or is it you? Here are some straightforward tips to consider if … [Read more...]

Help! I Have a New Baby and My 4 Year Old Has . . .

. . . Turned into a Monster! What Should I Do? A client wrote me a letter while she was home on maternity leave, asking for help with her four year old daughter, who was throwing mega- tantrums, whining constantly, hitting her two year old brother, feeling clingy and insecure in unusual ways, and making the rest of the family miserable. Her newborn was 5 weeks old, and mom had returned to the hospital briefly following the birth due to some complications that were resolved within a few days. … [Read more...]