Multidisciplinary Guide – Collaborative Practice

Mastering Crucial Moments in Separation and Divorce, A Multidisciplinary Guide to Excellence in Practice and Outcome

Authors: Kate Scharff, M.S.W. and Lisa R. Herrick, PhD


Families in transition are desperate for capable professionals to provide insight and guidance on how best to navigate toward the successful outcome of a separation and divorce. Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick, two highly experienced and enormously well-respected practitioners, have set forth in clear and concise terms concrete strategies that will enable professionals in many disciplines to better accomplish those admirable goals…. “Mastering Crucial Moments” has been a pleasure for me to read in its clarity, its cutting edge ideas, and its inspiring pragmatic applications for our everyday work. There is something for everyone in this exceptionals and insightful work.

Sanford K. Ain, Esq., Co-founder and Principal, Ain and Bank, P.C.,; Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers; President, District of Columbia Chapter of the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers

What an extraordinarily abundant and nuanced gift Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick have given to the divorce community. This book resonates with intelligence, compassion, and wisdom while offering psychologically sound and practical tools to help all professionals- from beginners to old timers- get better at navigating the deep waters of divorce with our clients.

Pauline H. Tesler, Esq.
Collaborative Lawyer and Trainer
Co-founder and first president of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Author of Collaborative Law: Achieving Effective Resolution in Divorce without Litigation

I found Scharff and Herrick’s book to be a gift – packed with sound advice, surprising insights and new techniques for navigating even the toughest moments of a client’s divorce.

Olivia Mellon, National speaker
Author of “Money Coach: A Guide for Individuals and Couples

The authors turn sophisticated concepts into tools, using language designed to support working at a deeper level. They write in a conversational style that makes you feel as if they are right there, talking to you.

Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD, MSL, ABPP
Smith College School for Social Work

Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick have once again brought forth their wisdom and compassion to enhance the multidisciplinary practice of separation and divorce. With their characteristic thoroughness, Scharff and Herrick create a rich tapestry of possibilities for the practitioner to consider at their next client meeting… their work is continually evolving, practical, creative and inspiring.

Dr. Susan Gamache, Senior Collaborative Practitioner and Trainer

Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick have made another major contribution to our professional library. This book is a must-have for divorce professionals who aspire to improve their level of practice.

Rita Pollack, M.A., J.D.
Former President, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

This book is filled with practical techniques and the clinical reasoning behind them. Kate and Lisa, thank you for explaining so many concepts in such a usable, reader-friendly manner. I believe all divorce professionals could work together more productively if they read this book and used it as a guide.

Linda Solomon, LPC, LMFT
Collaborative Facilitator, Therapist, Trainer

…another deceptively simple work by two experts in both the art and the science of their craft…. Like it’s predecessor, “Navigating Emotional Currents in Collaborative Divorce,” it’s beautifully written — sophisticated yet accessible and often funny– and all helping professionals who deal in fractured relationships should read it.

Jane Prelinger, MSW
Founding co-director of The Center for Existential Studies
Faculty (and former Director of the Treatment Centers) of the Washington School of Psychiatry