A Generous Endorsement of My Collaborative Trainings with Kate Scharff

This was written by  the talented Kevin Scudder of Seattle Washington in response to a Collaborative colleague’s query about whether it would be wise for his local Collaborative practice group to invest  in a Lisa Herrick/Kate Scharff advanced training.  


Thanks for the email and questions about Lisa and Kate.  I cannot recommend their work  more highly.

Please take this recommendation in context:

I am a Collaborative Attorney/Mediator located in the Pacific NW.  I received my basic training in 2008.  When I did it felt like “coming home”.  Since then I have actively explored Collaborative Practice from a broad spectrum of views.  I am a Featured Blogger for Be-Fulfilled.org, am on the IACP Practice Group Development Committee, and write for The World of Collaborative Practice [http://theworldofcollaborativepractice.com].

I am always on the search for a deeper understanding of Collaborative Practice and new ways to share the nature of our work with both clients and other practitioners.

Kate and Lisa are very talented in helping others with this deeper understanding of the work and helping us learn the tools through which we can express that understanding in our cases.

My first Forum was the San Francisco Forum in 2011.  That was my first introduction to Lisa and Kate and their work.  I actually took two workshops with them, the first being the pre-forum “Delving Into the Heart of Conflict: Exploring Conflict as an Opportunity for Growth”.  The second was a three-hour workshop on “Navigating Emotional Currents of Collaborative Divorce: A Skill Building Intensive”.

I readily admit that these two workshops, at my first Forum and three years into my work as a Collaborative Practitioner, have been instrumental to me in my Collaborative work, trainings, and writings.  I think so highly of their book, Navigating Emotional Currents in Collaborative Divorce, that I wrote a book review for the World of Collaborative Practice saying that reading the book as part of our practice group work should be mandatory.  Here is a link to the book review:


Most recently, at the San Antonio Forum I attended Kate and Lisa’s workshop  “Upping Your Game: The Balancing Act Between Tending and Moving”.

I really do not know where they come up with this stuff, but it really is powerful material and they present it in a way that illustrates why the concepts they are teaching are important and which demonstrates the skills in a way that I have come away with a wealth of information from each of the workshops of theirs that I have attended.

As you can tell, I am a Kate and Lisa fan.  If your practice group has not had the experience of training with them yet, I cannot recommend them highly enough.  The financial investment that you make in bringing them to town will stay with the members of your practice group for years to come.

I hope this is helpful.  Feel free to send me any follow-up questions that you have.

Kevin R. Scudder

The Law Offices of Kevin R. Scudder

Seattle, WA


Thanks so much, Kevin!

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